gluten free - coeliacSince the very beginning of our history, in 2003, we have successfully been serving food to a number of coeliac customers (persons who have intolerance to gluten).

This, of course, means that we are able to prepare excellent gluten free dishes, among the whole variety of our products. But, also, that we can guarantee our coeliac guests that, at every moment of our process, and until the plate has been placed on their table, all measures of precautions have been strictly observed, in order to avoid any possible contamination.

This, for we want those of our guests who suffer from coeliac disease, to enjoy their meals at Crepes'n Tapas Bar, without any fear whatsoever.

We usually request that coeliacs book their table with a reasonably short notice, allowing us to prepare their special gluten free food, within the most “safe and protected” environment (which may be more difficult to do in case they are arriving during the rush hours and without having previously informed us).

A 24 hour notice is considered ideal. Nevertheless, being informed before 6 p.m., during the week, or before 1 p.m., on week-ends, is usually sufficient.

So, what can coeliac people expect to eat at Crepes'n Tapas Bar?

Well, many good things:

A gluten free 3-course set menu, including salad, savoury crepe and sweet crepe (dishes to be chosen from 3 lists), an “A la Carte” of even more salads, savoury and sweet crepes and, also, several of our crePPiZZas (a pizza on a savoury crepe).

A gluten free tapas meal can be enjoyed, too, picking from our extended list of 30+ homemade tapas.

And, last but not worst...: a 100% gluten free Chocolate Fondue for two, with fruits.

Plenty of varieties and novelties, then, in a secure, safe and quiet environment, which we know coeliac people constantly need and hope to find.

One last word: each time a special event is celebrated at Crepes'n Tapas Bar (Bastille Day, Halloween, Valentine's Night, etc...) we always include a 100% gluten free menu or selection for our coeliac guests.

So, why should you wait longer?

Book your table (voice mailbox): 951-311-177 or through without forgetting to mention the number of gluten free meals to be enjoyed by your party.