Who are we?

No se puede mostrar la imagen “http://crepesandtapasbar.com/es/quiene2.jpg” porque contiene errores.She is Spanish. He is French.

She comes from Madrid. He is from Paris.

Together, they make the perfect alliance between both cultures and, naturally, both gastronomies.

They share the same passion for the most exquisite cuisine, and like to treat their guests as if they were their own friends.

Since 2003, CREPES'n BAR has earned the best reputation within Fuengirola but also, far beyond the limits of this Malaga touristic resort, for its numerous and varied crepes, all made in the respect of the Breton and Norman ancestral recipes.

Within a few years timeframe, they have attracted thousands of guests in their restaurant, located in the heart of Fuengirola, at a few steps from the beach, and decorated with the most charming and romantic style.

Four years after their inauguration, they decided to expand their crepes activity, opening a new tapas section in their premises. Henceforth, CREPES'n BAR became... CREPES'n TAPAS BAR.

Since March 2007, the very French crepes have competed, in two different parts of the same premises, with utterly Spanish tapas. Among these, exist varieties which undoubtedly will please the most traditionalist customers but, also, other tapas which will delight the fins gourmets, who always look for culinary inovations.

Between the street terrace, the bar area, the cosy dining-room and the private "French Corner" open air patio, are carried hundreds of savoury and sweet crepes, salads and, now, tapas, as well as the best wines (not always the most expensive ones!) and, of course, the now famous sweet sparkling apple cider, which knows how to delicately tease the gourmet's tongue.

By principle, people with a special alimentary diet are particularly welcome at CREPES'n TAPAS BAR, and can enjoy good, tasty food, too: vegetarians, obviously, but people who suffer intolerance to gluten*, allergy to eggs* or milk*, diabetics, too. And since 2010, a delicious multi-options vegan* menu is also offered!

*for these diets, please give us a 24 hours notice

Another principle of the house: the taste for the fiesta. Each particular event is a pretext for celebration at CREPES'n TAPAS BAR. Birthday parties, stag parties, Spanish or French bank holidays, Halloween, Shrove Tuesday/Pancake Day, etc... and, also, July 22nd, when is celebrated the annual anniversary of their Grand Inauguration.

In the vocation of being a meeting place and a place of social and cultural encounters, are organised QUIZ NIGHTS, groups of French conversation, exhibitions of paintings, thematic weeks, etc...

CREPES'n TAPAS BAR is not only a restaurant, it is also "the" place where every one feels happy.

And as Marc says, with his "froggy" accent: "Should you need anything, just request it"

Bienvenue à CREPES'n TAPAS BAR et Bon Appétit!