Our Crepes

At CREPES'n TAPAS BAR we really make our crepes with the original recipes of Brittany and Normandy.

We import buckwheat flour from France, and use it to give our savoury crepes the genuine texture and taste that have been enjoyed for centuries in those regions.

We offer more than 50 different savoury crepes, with meat, fish, sea-food, eggs, mushrooms or vegetables, for the finest palates, no matter if they are traditionalist or "nouvelle tendance".

As for our sweet crepes, we use a major quantity of white wheat flour, which is the perfect allied of all our sweet ingredients: syrups, jam, homemade chocolate sauce, homemade ice-creams, fruits, etc..., etc...

We offer more than 50 different sweet crepes, for the gourmets, as well as for one's sweet tooth. Do you fancy them flambe or not?

After a salad or some tapas, a savoury crepe then a sweet crepe, you have enjoyed a good meal, light or abundant... YOU DECIDE

At CREPES'n TAPAS BAR, we particularly care for people who are on special alimentary diets: we, of course, provide a large list of crepes eligible for VEGETARIANS but, also, and with a 24 hours notice, we shall be happy to prepare special crepes, savoury or sweet, with NO GLUTEN, or NO MILK, or even NO EGGS. Special crepes are also offered to VEGANS, with no milk, no eggs, etc.

And if you do not want to take sugar, you can always order a "NO SUGAR BUT SWEETENER & LEMON JUICE" crepe, as a pudding.