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From the most romantic one to the most spicy one, you will find THE salad that best meets your mood of the day, among our list of more than 15 different salads.

You will travel with our NAPOLI, CHIHUAHA, ISTANBUL or GUATEMALA salads, dream of magnificence with our CESAR or LORD BACON, or imagine your adventure with our ALI BABA, TINTIN o DIABÓLICA...

And, of course, we provide a selection of several delicious salads for our vegetarian , vegan or coeliac friends.



 We offer 2 delicious fondues: one savoury and one sweet.

. CHEESE FONDUE, traditionally made with 2 different sorts of cheeses, where pieces of slightly stale bread are dipped into;

. CHOCOLATE FONDUE, for those who love our homemade chocolate sauce. Biscuits and fruits of the season are served with this fondue.



Tired to hear people asking us "Do you make pizzas?", we decided to invent a new kind of pizza... of our style: it is called the "CREPPIZZA".

The CREPPIZZA is nothing but a delicious, homemade pizza where we have replaced the thick pizza bread by a thin buckwheat crepe base. The CREPPIZZA is much lighter than a regular pizza.

So far, the 5 different kinds of CREPPIZZA (Margarita, Quattro Formaggi, Alpina, Mediterranea and Texas) have all met a great success.

Come and taste them, then tell us about the one you prefer!

We also make special CREPPIZZAs for coeliacs and, of course, for vegetarians.